What do you wear to work during a global pandemic and your new office also doubles as your bedroom? Supersoft 100% organic cotton sweats by LEVI’S® of course. This campaign intimately highlights actual Levi’s employees, showing off not only how great the new launch of sweats is, but the relatable narrative of the pandemic years (2020-2021) where comfort and feeling good, wherever and however we find it, is highest priority.

In the first weekend of launch, Levi's experienced a "very successful first day of selling," securing a successful new category release for the behemoth denim brand.

Levi's tapped TH Creative for two separate campaigns launching the sweats product, each defined by its own set of diverse, bold colors.

“The launch of our Red Tab Sweats...

...represents a shift in how we identify and deliver new collections and seize opportunities quickly. Taking a fashion idea from concept to market typically takes over a year in our business. We did it in 4 months!”

-Dawn Vitale, vice president of Global Merchandising Men’s, Collaborations, Collections, Footwear & Accessories.