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Project Overview

For Spring/Summer 2022, Levi’s  Vintage Clothing celebrates the events leading up to the very first Earth Day in 1970—and the college students who rebelled against the status quo, striving to make a positive impact for all of us here on this planet. We channel the down-to-earth aesthetics of these young activists and the grassroots origins of their demonstrations into an eclectic mix of denim, pants and tops in well-worn, faded hues. Three stories interweave: For “Making Connections,” we go into nature; for “Getting Schooled,” we recreate the teach-ins; and for “Taking Action,” we take to the streets. The vibe is earthy, relaxed and hopeful, expressed through faded color and black and white snapshot-style photography. *Levi's Internal initially created and produced this campaign and baton passed the project to THCC to animate, add copy and build design houses for the digital distribution channels ie social media, app, store windows, .com, in store, and out of home.


  • Creative/Design/Production: Internal Levi's
  • Copy: Adrienne Elder
  • Animator: Sang Shin